A customer experience workshop at Frontiers Health

by Annegret Wenzel

A customer experience workshop at Frontiers Health
A customer experience workshop at Frontiers Health

The transformation of the healthcare industry in the last 10 years went through several attempts to keep up with the changes in technology and services happening in other industries.

While some "digital first" pharma initiatives have achieved good results, the overall success record across the industry is mixed at best.

Today, a convergence of motivated consumers collecting personal health data with medical grade wearables, along with advances in data sciences/AI, and startups launching new healthcare models, present real threats as well as tremendous opportunities to traditional healthcare business stakeholders.

Intouch Solutions and Healthware have joined forces to show a way forward that seeks to identify opportunities for engagement with today's health consumers by creating and delivering highly valuable customer experiences that integrate the latest innovations in tech and data.

From virtual reality, AR and 360 degree video, to natural language processing, marketing automation, programmatic endemic and dynamic feedback loops; many of these breakthrough innovations will be discussed in the Innovating Customer Engagement workshop at Frontiers Health.

Gerry Chillè, Partner at HealthwareLabs, and Justin Chase, EVP, Head of Digital Innovation, Media, Social at Intouch Solutions will be dissecting customer experience in the context of innovation; unpacking problems that have been identified by the workshop attendees themselves. The goal will be to address some of the concerns and needs of patients, caregivers, HCPs and Payers through the lens of innovation.

Save the date and book your seats to join the workshop and all the talks at Frontiers Health 2017.
Take a sneak peek into this years' agenda and follow #FH17 for any late breaking news!

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