At Frontiers Health, innovation took center stage

The next step is getting it to the patient bedside

by Roberto Ascione

At Frontiers Health, innovation took center stage
At Frontiers Health, innovation took center stage

“Where healthcare meets innovation.” This was the motto of the first Frontiers Health conference, and which brought together the best and brightest of Europe’s healthtech scene, as well as guests from both US coasts, in an event that has redefined and exposed the leading edge in a field, which literally is changing people’s lives.

A few weeks ago for two days, Berlin played host to a series of presentations, masterclasses, workshops and deep discussions between the different players that make up the healthcare ecosystem: pharma companies, tech startups, patients, physicians, regulators, payors and VCs – as diverse a group of players, as you can imagine, all united under a common pledge: to create sustainable, living innovation for better healthcare outcomes.

Curating this event has been a crazy journey. For every presenter, we selected, we had to turn down 2 equally great ones. For every startup that took the stage, 3 others had to stay off. How do you select the right ones? Where do we hold the conference? And how much Rock’n’Roll is appropriate?

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