Big Data to improve outcomes

An exclusive article by Roberto Ascione for the Data Driven Innovation Open Summit 2017 blog

by Roberto Ascione

Big Data to improve outcomes
Big Data to improve outcomes

This article has been written for the Data Driven Innovation Open Summit blog by Roberto Ascione, CEO at Healthware International.

Roberto Ascione will speak at the Data Driven Innovation Open Summit 2017 on February 24th at 11:30.

Chain pharmacies, insurance payers and government health programs have collected a tremendous amount of drug prescription and therapeutic outcomes data over the years, which will help them better inform which cures are more effective overall.
2017 will be the year where personal real-time biometric data from a myriad of devices will find its way to this dataset, and where the goal of personalized prevention programs and cures will start becoming a reality.
Look for competition amongst these players (as well as startups) as they seek to hire top-notch data scientists, analysts and clinicians to create predictive health data models that try to make sense of it all.

The reasons for healthcare companies starting to leverage big data are many, but ultimately the economic factors driving the use of big data come down to finding efficiencies, creating value and reducing waste across the entire health management continuum.
One elusive healthcare goal has been in targeting individual consumers and preventing them from getting sick to begin with, but the industry may be closer to achieving that goal thanks to the personal health data that individuals are collecting outside of a medical setting with the help of personal connected devices.
The other challenge to putting this personal data to work has been to find the right types of financial models that turn prevention into a revenue generating endeavor, rather than just an aspirational goal but changes in government health policies and a shift of control from providers to insurers is creating the right environment for this type of industry shift.

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