Design thinking, creativity and innovation in Health, FinTech & Retail

Come to the FrontiersX Conference in Milan

by Peter Cook

Design thinking, creativity and innovation in Health, FinTech & Retail
Design thinking, creativity and innovation in Health, FinTech & Retail

Come to Milan on November 12-13 for The FrontiersX conference on Design Thinking in the context of Innovation for people in the Healthcare, FinTech and Retail sectors.
We are working in partnership with Roberto Ascione, CEO of Healthware International to deliver this event.

Banking Disruption

The whole banking industry is on the edge of disruption. From mobile payments to improved customer experiences; from wereables to the internet-of-things; new and better digital applications and improved in-branch technologies. Retail is no more a store.
I've written about this topic just recently for and there will be a separate post about this shortly.

Retail Disruption

Retail is now an object in your pocket. A magic wand ready to recognise and buy things for you. Retail will be a button on your fridge that helps you restock your provisions.
Retail is your watch paying for you with a gesture and determining new habits. Retail is a space for your brand, a church for your priests, a theatre for you stories. We'll look at how retail is changing and discuss options for staying alive.

Healthcare Disruption

Healthcare is being transformed and to a good extent will be disrupted by digital technologies.
The wisdom of people and the ability to collect, store and visualize an increasing number of data, has created new patterns for decision-making and delivery of care itself. IoT driven integrations of on-line/off-line will be creating a new connected e-health environment: more efficient and effective than today.
How will we swim with information rather than drown in data?

The Innovation Imperative

I'll be speaking on design thinking, creativity and innovation and using the example of the Fender Stratocaster Guitar as a case study.
This will lead to a consideration of specific applications within FinTech, Retail and Healthcare at the conference. Here's one of my Stratocasters, a paradigm example of design thinking and innovation.
The guitar still works, despite having been dropped down a stairwell and set alight - the hallmark of any good innovation... Would your mobile phone work as well after such treatment?!!

We are offering in-company keynotes and masterclasses in the next few months to mark the release of the 2nd editions of "The Music of Business" and the new book "Leading Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise".

FrontiersX - Conference 12-13 November 2015 - Book your spaces here.

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