Digital Health Storymap: A new tool to explore health innovations

by Elena Pirofalo

Digital Health Storymap: A new tool to explore health innovations
Digital Health Storymap: A new tool to explore health innovations

With the rapid proliferation of new healthcare start-ups resulting in the increasing numbers of digital health support tools they provide, it can be overwhelming and downright confusing for consumers to find the best tool to suit their needs.
In recognition of this mounting confusion, we partnered with XLHealth, a German based investor for digital health start-ups, to develop a simple and intuitive solution that makes navigating these solutions a bit easier for consumers.
Given their unique vantage point as investors in the digital health space, the process began with our partners at XLHealth selecting around fifty digital health solutions on the market today. Our job was to create an engaging experience that allows consumers an easy and fun way to navigate and explore the plethora of digital health solutions available to them. The result? The Digital Health Storymap.

Digital Health Storymap leverages various visualization techniques and filters to highlight each of the solutions depending on what is most intuitive to the user. These include navigating solutions geographically, by part of the day or even via a map of the body itself.

If navigating by categories, the user can easily choose between solutions in the following topic areas; patient-doctor, monitoring, treatment, prevention, well-being and diagnosis.

Users are also supported in the empowerment of their daily rhythm through the visualization tool designed to select digital health solutions by part of the day.

If the user would prefer to search for solutions based on a particular part of the body that may concerning to them, they can do so by simply clicking a model of the body to bring up solutions that cater to that area.

The Digital Health Storymap also supports users and stakeholders with an up-to-date, real-time overview of what is happening in the Digital Health start-up ecosystem, providing a global overview of the innovative solutions in digital healthcare, through a geographic map.
With the combination of real-time data, content and visualization, The Digital Health Storymap will expand the ecosystem of consumer-centric solutions over time, as well as enhance the visual overview options to foster further understanding of healthcare through engaging experiences.

The Digital Health Storymap was unveiled at Digital Health Days in Stockholm on Sept 24th, 2015. And here is the video of the presentation by Min-Sung Sean Kim of XLHEALTH.

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