Healthcare transformation and innovation

The healthcare and technology revolution

by Gerry Chillè

Healthcare transformation and innovation
Healthcare transformation and innovation

Healthcare today is undergoing a serious change that will affect our lives in the future. The rapid evolution of technology and tech applications is altering many different industries, and healthcare does not make an exception in this process of transformation. Advances in technology change the way we approach healthcare, creating new opportunities in areas like digital therapies, health technology or health insurance innovation.

Both healthcare and technology industries are extremely broad and complex, and it is difficult to keep up with everything that is taking place within those realities on a daily basis. Healthcare problems are transforming; thus new solutions are vital.

One of our goals for the Frontiers Health conference, which took place late last year, was to organise an event that would let people from the different fields of healthcare and technology build a common picture and understanding of how new, medicine and ,health technology are replacing traditional silos to positively shape the global health situation. Of course, innovation alone cannot transform healthcare and the role of healthcare policy and the regulators that can inform and help guide the process of innovation towards adoption are also important, and to that end, we made sure that the regulatory angle was also well-represented at the event.

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