Observations from the Exponential Medicine

A sneak preview

by Roberto Ascione

Observations from the Exponential Medicine
Observations from the Exponential Medicine

For the initiated, the XMed or Exponential Medicine event is an annual 4-day conference organized by the Singularity University (SU) . The SU, which was founded by Ray Kurzweil and Dr. Peter Diamandis, was created to help educate and inspire people globally on how to leverage exponential technologies to solve the world’s grandest challenges. The 2014 XMed event was held at San Diego, California in November, where the audience was treated to a series of presentations by some of the brightest minds and innovative thinkers today.

The premise behind this conference is how Exponential Technology, or the Exponential growth of Technology, is disrupting the health space. Throughout the 4-day event, a myriad of innovative medical science leaders and inspirers took to stage.

Some of the key areas they spoke on include patient empowerment and how the patient is becoming ever more so the CEO of their own medical team; gaming principles being extensively applied in the area of neuroscience; advances in the area of Artificial Intelligence which can augment the human knowledge and assist the healthcare community in making unbiased and well-informed decisions. The presence (or lack thereof) of Pharma in the exponential growth curve of technology and how Pharma can and should evolve their organizations in order to avoid a state of obsoletion in the future was also discussed. While the visionaries posited the future of healthcare being of a more personalized nature and greater reliance on the collective wisdom of the crowd, the growing threat of bio-crime was not downplayed. The mushrooming of healthcare start-ups and VCs pouring billions of dollars into them holds promise in the incubation of change and innovative ideas emerging from them.

Both scientific and technological advancements in each of these areas and many more mind-blowing examples were featured during the 4-day firehose of presentations.

These innovative achievements are inspiring and offer much promise in the future of healthcare. But how can each one of us – whether you are a start-up, or a pharmaco, or a healthcare professional, etc – put these learnings into practice and infuse the power of exponential technology and innovative thinking into your daily lives? Together with Kristin Milburn we are currently putting together a full-length report on the inspiring XMed 2014 conference where we will be sharing our observations throughout the 4-day conference including highlights of key presentations, learnings and how to apply them. This interactive report will be published real soon. So watch out for it!


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