Reflections on Digital Health at the JPM Conference 2017

We have just returned from the JP Morgan Healthcare 2017 conference in San Francisco, and we are more pumped than ever about the work we do here at Healthware!

by Roberto Ascione

Reflections on Digital Health at the JPM Conference 2017
Reflections on Digital Health at the JPM Conference 2017

The event itself, and the very large attendance from all corners of the health industry, validates our own mission to combine digital technologies and health in the pursuit of better healthcare experiences and outcomes.

More than ever I firmly believe that digital health is not just about industry business transformation, it is about bringing about a human dimension to healthcare and wellness which makes it more accessible and at the same time it comes together and mobilizes to conquer some of humanity’s most challenging healthcare problems.
In a week full of inspiring presentations, no moment was more inspiring and emotion filled than Vice President Joe Biden’s appearance at StartUpHealth Festival to make sure that all present answer his call for a moonshot effort to find a cure for cancer once and for all.

While attending the always insightful WinterTech by Health 2.0, looming in the background as a recurring topic, and invariably a source of significant concern across many of the presentations was if the wave of digital health innovation brought along by the ACA was going to survive a repeal of the ACA much touted by the incoming US administration. I don't think this change in Washington will stop innovators from hacking health for better because digital health is a people driven transformation by individuals (often patients themselves) who have a personal goal to improve the parts of the healthcare systems that are not working.

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