Roberto Ascione's advice for young health entrepreneurs

Read the story curated by Sandoz in occasion of the HACk challenge to be presented at WIRED Health 2017

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Roberto Ascione's advice for young health entrepreneurs
Roberto Ascione's advice for young health entrepreneurs

Roberto Ascione, a digital health pioneer and Sandoz HACk judge, reveals what’s essential for young people starting their own business, and explains what is special about the healthcare industry.
The #SandozHACk - Healthcare Access Challenge - is a global competition to help tackle pressing healthcare access problems. Three winners will be chosen at the WIRED Health conference in London on March 9, 2017.

About 20 years ago, I realized that there was very little that was digital in medicine. Either you were a computer scientist or a physician – but it seemed to me that there was no bridge between the two. So suddenly I realized that if a doctor has suitable software, he or she can reach more people. I became very passionate about this, and found myself trying to combine these two elements. Consequently, I founded Healthware as a healthcare software company.

I’m happy to say we enjoyed success almost from the start. Something I learned early on is that it’s a mistake to design or create things without direct participation from the end users. Not every entrepreneur does this, but it’s absolutely essential in this industry. If we want to solve problems of physicians, we have to talk to them, to find out their pain points and what we could improve. What’s also unique in the healthcare sector is that it’s incredibly personal and human. What is more important to people than their health? When you create a start-up in the healthcare sector, you impact peoples’ lives by solving their problems.

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