VIRA Index - July 2014

The July edition focuses on the Radiology segment and takes a special glance at the "Right Dose Image Contest".

by Annegret Wenzel

VIRA Index - July 2014
VIRA Index - July 2014

The July edition of the VIRA – Social Media Index for the Healthcare Industry – focuses on the Radiology segment and takes a special glance at the "Right Dose Image Contest". Released by Siemens Healthcare and the agency Spirit Link, the Facebook page of the online contest targeted at radiologists has reached the significant number of 19,000 Likes.

Participants of the contest were asked to submit their best CT scan images, which were evaluated taking into account the balance between image quality and low dose of radiation. The winning images are then presented in an impressive gallery on the dedicated website of the contest. Through such a social media initiative, Siemens seeks to position itself as a manufacturer that reconciles high quality CT with minimised radiation dose.

The "Right Dose Image Contest" is a good example of how Facebook is suitable for communication with professionals as well. The contest has been rewarded in 2014 with the German industry reward Comprix.

Another highlight of the July VIRA is the international "Skin to live in" website from Novartis, worth mentioning for the fact that Novartis used the social media amplifier "Thunderclap" to launch the campaign.
The cost-free service of Thunderclap allows users to insert a desired post with the minimum number of influencers and the date of publication. The user then just needs to find people to participate in the "thunderclap" communication, and to allow Thunderclap to post the message on the defined date on their Twitter or Facebook pages.
Thunderclap in turning out to be a suitable tool in particular for campaigns with an emotional impact that concentrates on a single day. The approach takes advantage of the fact that viral campaigns spread out only once a critical number of posts gets published at the same time.


The complete VIRA July edition is available in German on


VIRA – Social Media Index for the Healthcare Industry
Established in August 2012, VIRA is a social media index that measures the social media activities of companies and brands in the healthcare industry in Germany. The ranking is based on these four dimensions: visibility, interaction, relevance and awareness, and covers data not only from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube but also healthcare portals, corporate and product sites, blogs and open communities.

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