VIRA Index - June 2014

Social Media Healthcare Index for visibility, interaction, relevance and awareness

by Annegret Wenzel

VIRA Index - June 2014
VIRA Index - June 2014

Established in August 2012, VIRA is a social media index that measures the social media activities of companies and brands in the healthcare industry in Germany. The ranking is based on these four dimensions: visibility, interaction, relevance and awareness, and covers data not only from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube but also healthcare portals, corporate and product sites, blogs and open communities.

The June edition, that provides the top 5 overview on the medical technology segment, highlights in particular the social media campaign of "VITA Zahnfabrik", a worldwide manufacturer of prosthetic dentistry that ranks 28th in the VIRA.

Focus: VITA Zahnfabrik
Their Facebook page has a significant number of likes at 27.500, even though it targets professionals only. Content includes posts about the company, the industry and conversation threads based on a long-term communication strategy and weekly planning. The public page links to closed Facebook groups where the country affiliates can communicate with their clients. Interesting news from the closed groups is in turn published on the public page.
According to "VITA Zahnfabrik", their social media effort pays off by creating a positive predisposition to sales visits. The activities are promoted via Google and Facebook advertising as well as through QR codes on a well-known print calendar.

A second highlight focusses on the under-valued target group of caregivers, who research for information for patients, consult in choosing a doctor or a therapy and monitor the treatment adherence. They often feel overwhelmed with their role, however there are hardly any services targeted to their needs available.
A good example of a successful social media initiative for caregivers comes from the magazine "US News Health". On February 13th, 2014, they organised an "Alzheimer’s chat" for all caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients, to share their worries and issues with their peers, by simply tweeting with the hashtag #Alzheimerchat. Within two hours, 1.063 posts where collected, and the magazine had established itself as a partner on this topic.


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