Customized Patient Education Tool (CPET)

CPET involves highly interactive drag-and-drop functionality, allowing for easy customization using alternate content and optional features including graphics, photos, and images.

Reps can use predefined templates and work with the HCP to customize the brochure to meet their specific needs.

The Customized Patient Education Tool™ (CPET™) provides a unique value-added service to healthcare professionals (HCPs). The tool is delivered by sales reps, and allows them to increase their face-time opportunities in the hospital and become a valuable partner to HCPs.

The use of CPET provides reps with a truly unique service that allows HCPs to customize preapproved content into an engaging and informative brochure that is tailored to their unique practice and patient population needs.

Using PC or Tablet (iPad) devices, reps can interact directly with the HCPs to select the structure and content for the brochure in a format that is most relevant to their particular setting. CPET is designed to be highly interactive and engaging, allowing the reps to have a more constructive dialogue with HCPs during use and have the opportunity to review content with HCPs that might otherwise have been overlooked.

Key Benefits Include

  • With the assistance of a sales rep, HCPs can create custom brochures using preapproved brand materials to make them more appropriate for the physician’s practice
  • Ability for the HCP to brand the materials for their practice as well as include their own content, providing their practice a value-add service in driving patient satisfaction and practice recognition
  • Delivers a value-added service, increases rep face time with HCPs and shifts perception of sales rep
  • Patients receive materials that are customized for their needs, in turn enhancing the patient/HCP relationship
  • Content retains adherence to regulatory and legal guidelines, while staying on strategy for the brand
  • Highly scalable; addresses the needs of a single brand or an entire portfolio
  • Leverages existing assets for greater reach and return on investment (ROI)

The process affords the representatives with additional, high-quality face time and involves three simple steps:

  • Rep and HCP review the available, pre-approved content and jointly select the desired content and design layout/flow of the brochure through a simple and engaging drag-and-drop interface
  • Rep produces draft of brochure and reviews with HCP, affording the rep with an additional interaction opportunity
  • Once approved, the rep submits the brochure for approval and printing. The rep returns with the completed brochures, providing one more interaction opportunity

Case Study

A Healthware client was looking for a way to enhance their rep/physician relationships and to further differentiate from a large competitor who was known for having poor customer service. Healthware saw an opportunity to focus on customer centricity and “marketing as a service” in order to create a competitive advantage for this client. Plus, the disease state was a rare, orphaned condition with little available patient educational resources available.

Our proprietary CPET Business Solution allowed for customization of imagery and language to reflect practice demographics, in addition to allowing the doctor to tailor pages to meet their patient population needs. The process was designed to add touchpoints between rep and physician.

The work resulted in a significant shift in perceptions of the brand and company while increasing face time with the HCPs. The HCPs’ perception of rep value in their practice also increased dramatically. Additionally, the tool provided a strong competitive advantage reinforcing the company’s customer-centric approach.

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