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A web-based offering dedicated to extending the traditional one-to-one relationship between field personnel and HCPs to the online space, allowing HCPs to receive and review provided materials when and where they choose.

The Healthware Service Center™ (formerly known as Rep or Field Portal™) Solution is focused on field (eg, reps, MSLs) interactions with HCPs and extends the traditional face-to-face interaction into an ongoing discussion, using an innovative online offering.

The Service Center Business Solution, also available as part of the iInteract Solution, provides customized mini-sites featuring the company representatives’ contact data, as well as approved content and key communications. The Service Center can be integrated with field force management databases, enhancing communications between the field and HCPs as well as data interchange with back-end CRM systems, allowing for an on/off-line information exchange.

Key Functionalities Include

  • Display of Sales Rep, MSL, and other representatives’ photo and contact information, including the option to download the info as a vCard
  • Targeted content display (eg, presentations, PDFs, videos, images)
  • Programs list management (eg, call-to-action, lead generation)
  • HCP tools, such as the return call request, contact request, remote presentation request (can be integrated with remote eDetailing functionality), and access to product resource centers
  • Fostering of Field-HCP interactions both synchronous and asynchronous

The Service Center can work as a stand-alone system or as an integrated module within other Healthware offerings, such as the iInteract Solution, Service Portals, or Brand Sites.

Furthermore, an on-board, simplified Content Management System allows for targeted content by group or audience segments, enabling administrators to manage the sites and field representatives to edit and manage their own mini-site (within approved guidelines). Thus, reps are able to manage their mini-sites through different content features, including but not limited to printing, emailing, bookmarking, downloading, and/or requesting info.

Service Center can be complemented with additional modules, such as Outbound Communications allowing management of the message system between reps and their physician, and Analytics, with which reps can manage all statistics related to the subset of their visited physicians.

Case Study

One of Healthware’s global pharmaceutical clients asked us to create a solution that would enable a reduced field force to more effectively target and communicate with their HCPs in an environment of reduced call times and limited office access. Their specific objectives were to:

  • Maximize interaction between reps and HCPs
  • Strengthen relationships and trust through interaction
  • Communicate innovation as a key attribute of the company/brand
  • Support brand communications via multichannel approach

Healthware deployed iInteract in conjunction with the Service Center to enable the sales force to digitally "leave behind" brand-related materials for the HCP. This solution allows our client to:

  • Extend the sales interaction beyond the face-to-face call
  • Achieve the HCP’s desire for a more “personal” detailing experience
  • Allow sales rep to open additional resources in context of a call, or select items for follow-up
  • Follow-up items trigger form-based emails containing links to approved content (eg, reprints, clinical information, detail, MOA)

The combination of iInteract and the Service Center involved over 245 sales reps, reached over 40,000 HCPs, and has lead to over 265 requests for action. In addition, the solution has provided:

  • Personalized content based on HCPs’ needs and tracking process
  • Maximum interaction between reps and HCPs through engaging content
  • Real-time response to the HCPs’ needs
  • Detailed tracking information supporting ongoing analysis and evaluation of content and content usage

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