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The main goal of the project was to increase awareness for earlier diagnosis and treatment of PID, and supporting the Italian Jeffrey Modell Centre (JMC) in engaging and training the medical professional target (GPs and pediatricians) about the disease.

The strategy that was developed consisted in the design and building of an online training program about the detection of the disease, aimed at GPs and pediatricians, scientifically endorsed by Jeffrey Modell Center and sponsored by Baxter.

The relevance of the argument and the high scientific value of the learning goals pursued, led to the decision to accredit the e-learning course according to Italian Continuing Medical Education standards (CME)*. The possibility for physicians to acquire CME credits (n.15) was seen also as an added value for the training program and as a further opportunity of attraction of the strategic target.

At the same time, a communication campaign was carried out in order to generate visibility for the Italian Jeffrey Modell Centre (JMC).

*Healthware is CME accredited provider for distance learning (n. 122) by the Italian Minister for Health


The learning content type and the didactic approach

The disease awareness program about Primary Immunodeficiency resulted in an interactive e-learning course, based on rich media contents containing text plus images and flash animations.

The course was delivered through a learning management system able to track all the activities performed by the learners and generate meaningful training reports.
This allowed the learners to track their own progress and the agency to periodically contact those students with low percentage of course attendance, sending them remind emails in order to prevent dropout.

The course was designed to leave the learner free to navigate to any module of the course, without constraints in terms of completion before progressing to the further modules.

The completion of the course took a total of 12 hours and the course was considered successfully completed only if all the resources were viewed, including the assessment survey of the competencies acquired and the instant poll for the evaluation of the quality perceived.
The assessment survey and the quality instant poll allowed the collection of valuable feedback about course effectiveness and individual learner progress.

Attraction of the professional target and course promotion

In order to generate visibility for both the training program and the Italian Jeffrey Modell Centre (JMC), a communication campaign was carried out. The campaign adopted for the project applied a mix of media, each one aimed at a specific goal:

  • in order to test the ground in relation to the potential interest of the professional target for the training program, a survey to GPs and pediatricians was delivered by portal.
    The participation to the survey provided as a benefit for the users, the pre-enrolment in the training program. In this way it was possible to engage early a first group of users (about 1.300 users);
  • the publishing of the course in eLearning Center helped to expand the enrollments and to reach about 200 further users spontaneously enrolled into the course;
  • a personalized Direct eMail Marketing communication (JMC branded) to launch the training program was also delivered to GPs and pediatricians, with a description of the topic of the training, information about scientific board, CME accreditation and start date;
  • in order to keep alive the attention on the course, every two weeks for all the training program lifetime, an advertorial space within MedSurf newsletter service was sent to all the physicians registered to paginemediche,it portal as a remind.

Key Features

An interactive training program for GPs and paediatricians

After having identified the main topics and structured the cognitive map of the contents, the course was designed and built under the scientific supervision of the Italian JMC.

From an instructional design perspective, the course is structured into

  • 4 modules aimed at the acquisition of specific learning contents about PID detection and treatment (basic learning objects)
  • 2 interactive clinical cases (advanced learning objects)
  • 1 assessment survey for the competencies acquired
  • 1 instant poll for the evaluation of the quality perceived of the training

A virtual eLearning environment

The eLearning Center is a virtual learning environment present in the physician's private area of portal.
The publishing of the training program in the course catalogue of the eLearning Center allowed to provide the professional target with a detailed descriptive sheet about the training program.

Being a CME accredited training program, it was also featured in the National database of CME events available online on the website of the Italian Ministry of Health.


The analysis of the results of the promotional activities shows a relevant level of interest in Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases from the medical audience.

The survey delivered to GPs and pediatricians obtained a conversion rate of 3,5% which is a very good response rate on a mail-in survey.

During the project lifetime, the descriptive datasheet about the training program had been the most viewed course description of the eLearning Center of and one of the most viewed contents of the overall private area of the portal. More specifically the views of the course description represented 7% of all the views to the private area of


  • Long-standing partnership with the Jeffrey Modell Foundation
  • A program of physician education
  • A campaign of disease awareness

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