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The primary marketing objectives of this new rebranded website was to generate awareness and visibility of the ConvaTec brand, provide dynamic and interactive product information, and to deliver top notch services to their customers. At the same time, in efforts to build and strengthen ConvaTec's partnership with her target audience, this new site was designed to be a regular information pool, a point of connection & communication and an interactive shop window for their customers' product needs.


Strategic approach

From the Stakeholder's perspective, ConvaTec was treated as a global company with a global product portfolio yet localized offerings, an innovative and interactive communication program capable of delivering ConvaTec's core messages about her brand and products needed to be in place, user experience had to be compelling and highly interactive, relationships with customers needed to be sustained and reinforced through a trusted high value-exchange process.

Finally, ConvaTec was to be presented as a market leader with a proud history of innovation and commitment to discovery and creativity.

From an Operational perspective, all features, content and services had to be developed and established at a Global Platform level, each local market would enjoy its own localized and customized web site but had to adhere to the guidelines of the Global Platform, a 70/30 rule of the thumb was established between the global versus local messages in this GLocal approach.

Powered by Healthware proprietary technology - HP3® technology, a flexible and customizable solution was developed that addressed ConvaTec's key stakeholder needs and at the same time, satisfied both global and market specific needs.

The solution

  • Created a virtual network of global sites, fine-tuned to local market needs
  • Presented a professional image of ConvaTec to all audiences
  • Provided easy to find and access product information
  • Supported name capturing capabilities for relationship building opportunities with both consumers and health care professionals
  • Included alternative navigation pathways in line with cognitive learning
  • Created a vehicle for strategic marketing communication
  • Included a simulated virtual selling process and drove product sales
  • Was optimized for search engine optimization

The agency also worked on a promotional campaign targeted both at an external target audience (consumer and HCP target groups) and one that catered to an internal audience (ConvaTec field force and employees) so as to generate interest and promote the site launch during the Go Live period.

Featured below are some examples. Click on them to embark on your ConvaTec experience:

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Click to watch the video Click to watch the video

Key Features

  • A truly Global web presence
  • Traffic coordinator via country routing system to effectively target users
  • Interactive Product Catalog
  • E-learning portal for CME : ConvaTec Academy platform.
  • Customised branded sites to offer complementary Service and Support: ConvaTec Link is an on-demand ostomy resource for Ostomy Nurses which links them in this community where they are able to share experience, tips and other learning opportunities, whereas the ConvaTec Starter Kit is a web ordering tool customised by defined nurses' profiles and empowers Ostomy nurses with a customised patient care plan to aid them in their practice.


The ConvaTec Global Refresh project resulted in a complete redesign of the web sites, reflecting new corporate identity and communication strategy.

Fresh global content which now support the strategies of each franchise and brand messaging is now available to users. New functionalities with improved user experience means that users are now able to easily locate and review the information they are interested in.

Finally, the deployment of a whole myriad of innovative online tools, services, branded / unbranded sites and other collaterals have served in the engagement of the key target audience.


  • A global web presence
  • Dynamic product information
  • Disease education
  • A platform for convergence of both consumer and healthcare professional target groups

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