ConvaTec | Hydrofiber New brand launch – the Glocalization model


The primary targets of Hydrofiber are Healthcare Professionals and mainly WOCN (Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses) nurses due to their involvement with the treatment of patients with acute and chronic wounds, ostomy and associated skin care issues.

The primary aim was to not only have the key messages of Hydrofiber reach these targets but also to keep them constantly engaged.


The strategic approach that had been adopted was divided into two different perspectives: Stakeholder versus Operational perspective.

From the Stakeholder's perspective:

  • ConvaTec was treated as a global company with a global product portfolio yet localized offerings,
  • An innovative and interactive communication program capable of delivering ConvaTec's core messages about her brand and products needed to be in place,
  • User experience had to be compelling and highly interactive,
  • Relationships with customers needed to be sustained and reinforced through a trusted high value-exchange process,
  • Finally, ConvaTec was to be presented as a market leader with a proud history of innovation and commitment to discovery and creativity.

The key stakeholders of the Hydrofiber® project were:

  • CVT Global Marketing to coordinate and provide main guidelines
  • Local market in charge of content localizations and regulatory approvals for launching on the respective markets
  • Digital Agency (Healthware) to develop and integrate localizations for each market.

From an Operational perspective:

  • All features, content and services had to be developed and established at a Global Platform level,
  • Each local market would enjoy its own localized and customized web site but had to adhere to the guidelines of the Global Platform,
  • A 70/30 rule of the thumb was established between the global versus local messages in this GLocal approach.

Powered by a Healthware proprietary technology – HP3® technology - a flexible and customizable solution was developed that addressed ConvaTec's key stakeholder needs and at the same time, satisfied both global and market specific needs.

This project brought Hydrofiber Technology to life through the implementation of a dedicated website and leveraged the Hydrofiber concept throughout the related product portfolio.

The websites were localized for key markets and the global roll-out spanning 16 markets, was carried out in three waves according to the different market needs/requirements, marketing/communication objectives and products' launches global strategy.

Key Features

The key messages within the website, infused throughout the on-site videos, animations and high value content, walk users through the Hydrofiber interactive experience and help them to find out how its products are transforming wound through an enhancement of the patient experience during treatment and an optimization of outcomes.


The Hydrofiber Global rollout project represented the digital launch of the Hydrofiber brand which did not have a digital brand identity prior to this and a global platform to communicate where CVT could communicate to their target audience.

Reliable content from KOLs, rich media, a clean navigational structure coupled with good user experience meant that users could now obtain all relevant information about Hydrofiber – the technology behind several Wound Care offerings of CVT – in this dedicated microsite and in their own native language as well.


  • Hydrofiber® Technology is an advanced, patented technology unique to ConvaTec
  • The Project brings the Hydrofiber® Technology to life through the implementation of a dedicated website and leverages the Hydrofiber concept throughout the related product portfolio
  • Currently available in 16 countries: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, France and Poland

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