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The goal was to create a new website to represent the company strategy, its commitment in R&D and its innovative approach. In the nutshell, to represent the Company as a "responsible actor of his time" in relation both to general public, healthcare professionals and the employees.

The new design aimed to reflect the company's innovative approach through:

  • High-level technology
  • Innovative layout
  • Attractive graphics
  • Interactive features
  • Scientific information


Coupled with an innovative layout and interactive animations, the new is a perfect mix of extreme usability and easy-to-navigate features and high level technology, information hub with scientific contents, latest generation graphics.

The result is a rich navigational experience. More than 120 images are used to create an emotional and distinctive impact.

The website is organized in dedicated areas for every target (public, HCPs, media and partners) to personalize the communication and engage the target.

Key features:

  • Recognizable at a glance
  • Easy-to-use and simple-to-navigate
  • Innovative layout guiding users through the company's history and future
  • Over than 120 three-dimensional images, designed to reflect the company's strategy
  • Wide sections dedicated to the Group R&D activities in the treatment of orphan and rare diseases
  • Constantly updated newsroom
  • English version
  • Direct links to the main topics through the home page tag cloud
  • A fully dedicated careers section
  • Dedicated communication areas for every target: public, HCPs, media and partners
  • Social media tools on specific project/content


Just within the first month of launch, the website achieved the following results:

  • nearly 12.400 visits,
  • about 9.000 unique visitors,
  • more than 60.000 page views with an average of 5,20 pages/visits,
  • the average of visit duration is 4 minutes,
  • more than 100 shares and 220 clicks on the Social Networks in only one week.

Compared to the previous corporate website, registered relevant outcomes:

  • Visits: +124%
  • Unique visitors: +138%
  • Visit duration increased of 100%
  • Pages views: +145,6%
  • Bounce rate: -43%


  • High-level technology
  • Innovative layout
  • Attractive graphics
  • Interactive features
  • Scientific information

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