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The variety of channels had to be integrated in one international overall digital strategy and structure. Corporate and market communications, internal stakeholders and target groups had to be aligned in order to define a strong basis for the digital future of Fressnapf. Topics ranging from e-commerce, multi-channel-business, CRM, customer reward, social media, product information, community and content management had to be integrated.

As digital media becomes a regular part of the customers' life, retail brands are facing new challenges: Total transparency, maximum-criticism and 100% individual demand: A cat-holder is not interested in bird-food. And a fish-lover is not interested in grooming-accessories for adult-dogs. Advertising has to meet the customers' reality in order to be effective and efficient. At its core - this is about individualizing the communication with each customer to the possible maximum. Looking at the broad masses of customers, this can only be met digitally - by something we call "automation of individualization".


The Team integrated the 3 Cs of digital communications "Community", "Content" and "Commerce" and transferred the Fressnapf added value approach to the digital world.

Imagine a website, which behaves like an intelligent being. It recognizes who you are, what you want and what your interests are. And it points you subtly to the information you need. And it guides you to the information, it wants you to know about. That is the core of our solution for Fressnapf. Once you register for the community, the websites takes the users’ information and strips down the complexity of all contents, features and channels to fit them perfectly to its needs. Artificially intelligent, it gives the user exactly what the user want.

Key Features

Analysis and Definition
The Team analyzed the European pet and pet-holders market regarding digital and social media, user personas and behavior and intentions. Based on that research, the international e-commerce strategy, digital, mobile and social media, content management and digital marketing strategy were developed.

All relevant partners, sub-contractors and suppliers were aligned in order to digitize the overall business model. Moreover, the agency also helped Fressnapf within organizational development, change management and staffing of their content-, product management and social media teams, which then grew from zero to a full service digital and e-commerce department in less than one year. As a key task, the Team integrated content, community and commerce in order to launch the one-stop-online-channel for pet holders all over Europe.

Structure and Organization
The marketing, monitoring and community management for the biggest pet-community in Europe was organized. Thereafter, the community management for all social media channels ranging from Twitter to Facebook to Foursquare and other social and mobile media services was set up. An important pillar of the project was the definition and implementation of the search engine marketing and optimization strategy for all digital platforms of Fressnapf (German speaking markets) and Maxizoo (All other markets).

Core of the platform is a contextual content, community and product management approach, inspired by state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence concepts. On this basis, the following initiatives were launched:

  • The biggest online-shop for pet products in Europe.
  • The biggest community on pets in Europe.
  • The biggest picture-sharing community on pets in Europe.
  • An iPhone-, Android-App and an iPad-App.
  • Several 2.0 initiatives (twitter, facebook, etc.) all over Europe
  • Newsletters by CRM-data.
  • A digital customer reward system (The "paws").


What has been the number one retailer for pet holders in pets in the "real world", has now become the number one in the "digital world" as well.

  • Straight away significant e-commerce revenues starting from the first month after launch.
  • The biggest pet online-community in Europe with around 300.000 Users. Very fast growth.
  • A new strategy for the internationalization of the whole business model.

Conclusion: All goals defined as Key Performance Indicators (KPI) were excelled.


  • Managinig the digital revolution: Transition from Traditional Franchise Retail Business to Multichannel Commerce
  • Seamless integration of content, community and commerce into one global platform
  • Strategists, General Contractor and Project Leader for all relevant work-streams
  • In less than one year, from concept to reality with significant positive results on all defined KPIs

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