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The primary marketing objectives of this app were to:

  • Showcase HHS capabilities to support and bring their customers' healthcare projects to life.
  • Support sales communication and address HHS customers' needs.
  • Generate leads.


Through the interactive iPad app with 3D models of GE HHS’ various product offerings, users can literally visualize the different hospital rooms with the 3D simulator and choose to rely on technology and services provided by GE Healthcare by filling out a Plan Request to ask for information.

Navigation is intuitive and the 3D simulator reproduces in great detail the hospital rooms, giving the feeling of being in virtual reality.

Key Features

The interactive app is organized into 3 sections: Plan, Develop and Execute, illustrating the 3 main steps of a hospital project.

  1. Plan:
    • Market Know How: of GEHC and HHS teams
    • Care Area Expertise: focus on the most important care areas showing concept and solutions
    • Clinical Department Modeling including a 3D simulator: disposed in 3 hospital plans, visualization of 11 rooms with possibility to select and position GE equipment In all rooms it is possible to rotate and to see every detail in place.
    • Business Planning: assisting HHS customers in the elaboration of a business plan.
  2. Develop: to help determine the optimal use and physical deployment of technology based on strategic medical program, clinical effectiveness imperatives, cost of ownership and provide financing solutions tailored to healthcare provider-specific needs.
  3. Execute: Demonstrate GEHC and HHS capabilities to execute an hospital project.


This interactive app offers rapid information gathering and a wide vision of GE Healthcare’s power with innovative, high-quality products and services.

This GE HHS project received important positive feedback from the sales force while underlining the fact that this vision can generate millions of opportunities for the company.


  • An interactive iPad application to respond to HHS customers' needs
  • A simulator of 3D hospital departments (Operating Theatre, Diagnostic Imaging and Intensive Care Unit including 11 hospital rooms in 3D).
  • A Contact Service for client information requests and data capture used by the sales force to follow up on eads.

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