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As some of the key products of Janssen are approaching their patent expiration, this places the current level of loyalty and engagement between GPs and the pharma company (no longer able to share valuable scientific updates) at risk. In addition, plans to reduce the size of Janssen’s field force makes it difficult to ensure the same level of quality and frequency of calls to GPs.

For all this reasons, Janssen-Cilag Italy commissioned the agency to design and develop a communication project in order to:

  • Bridge the gap and cover the geo areas not covered by the current field force, and also reinforce the already sales-managed territories
  • Reinforce the Janssen-Cilag Corporate Brand and Company Image through innovation and target audience engagement
  • Accelerate the path to digital and embrace its potential and opportunities at a Company level


The project was based on an evolutionary mid-long term strategy aimed at creating a digital touch point that is constantly relevant and up-to-date so as to:

  • Build trustworthy relationships with GPs by offering tailored and added value content/services based on insights derived from focus groups and market research outcomes
  • Promote and foster interactions and exchanges between GPs and Specialists

To this aim, we have designed and developed a digital hub as the key source of scientific/medical information, training, clinical practice tools, networking through two main services:

  1. J-BOARD - An innovative magazine-based web portal, with periodic updates, and the ability to customise content and services to meet the primary knowledge needs of the target audience
  2. J-BOARD CLUBS - A community-based service to encourage dialogue and digital interactions between GPs and Specialists (based on geo settings)


Post launch, several local events and meetings were successfully scheduled and executed.

Driven by a closed loop marketing strategy, the following tasks have been carried out:

  1. Promote and Engage with the key target audience through the JBoard magazine and local events (approximately 60 per year) to connect GPs/Specialists/FF with the clubs
  2. Set up, Feed and Enhance the Relationship thanks to JBoard’s high value content/services offering and invigorating local communities via the JBoard Club
  3. Measure Customer Satisfaction via behaviour monitoring and customer surveys so to improve accordingly


  • High value content/services offering
  • Customer monitoring
  • Dialogue and digital interactions between GPs and Specialists

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