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The client was SHS International – a division of Nutricia (now owned by Danone). Their business aim was to connect their brand with their audiences - healthcare professionals and parents (especially those with children suffering from childhood allergies) – and build a sustainable relationship with them.


Upon reviewing the landscape, the team realised that there were no authoritative and comprehensive sources of information online for the area of childhood milk allergies back then. Hence an interactive communication program was devised that did just that – through multiple channels (websites, search, emails, etc), the program provided both healthcare professionals and parents with a comprehensive and reliable source of information. Concurrently, it also communicated positive messaging about its complementary product offering. This successful program made Nutricia the household name that was synonymous with childhood milk allergy.

This global project was rolled out in two waves and spanned 10 global markets – with each market enjoying its own localised version of the educational website (Act Against Allergy) and branded website (Neocate).

  • Act Against Allergy
    • Country specific content highlighted on the home page
    • The link from Act Against Allergy to Neocate tailored to country's legal requirements
    • Each country featuring their own News section
    • Congresses, Advocacy Groups, Links & Associations are filtered by countryy
    • Healthcare Professional Learning Area specific content
  • Neocate
    • Display only products relevant to country
    • e-Commerce function abled or disabled
    • Each country featuring their own News section
    • Congresses, Advocacy Groups, Links & Associations are filtered by country

Key Features

Several web-sites were developed but all of them pertain to a common multi-country platform based on HP3 Technology with each web-site having a specific domain name. All features, content and services were developed at the multi-country platform level. Each market specific web site shared the common global structure but was also localised according to the needs of each market. Each website also had its dedicated areas for HCPs vs Parents.

Content fall largely under these 3 categories:

  • Information & Education
    Providing a comprehensive range of information, for healthcare professionals and consumer audiences.
  • Interactive
    A process to facilitate and increase awareness and learning through interactive online tools designed to promote higher-order thinking on the subject of childhood allergy.
  • Routing
    A technique for interlinking data on childhood allergies creating a gateway or portal about the subject matter at hand through such tools as links, associations, centre locator and congresses.

Each type has its specific communication and education role with the aim of

  • Providing a consistent service to website users able to retain them to the site
  • Providing a platform for building relationships both with Parents & HCP's
  • Providing PR opportunities
  • Gathering market intelligence on target segments


  1. Activity Requests
    The program generated approximately over 400 requests per month coming from:
    • HCP's
    • Parents
    • Others (media, PR, events, 3° parties etc...)
  2. Awards
    Winner of the Silver W3 eHealth awards category for best Health Website
  3. Visits top 1.000.000
    our years after its launch, the program became one of the most popular websites on childhood allergies topping 1.000.000 visits per year
  4. Registrations averaging 5,000 per year
  5. SEO Ranking
    Over 150 key terms related to the subject and product were ranked in Google Top 10
  6. Strong cultivation & following
    The program also sent an average of 20,000 Bulletins per year to registered participants with an extraordinary CTR of 46% (considering the industry benchmark of 6%)


The aim of interactive communication program is to provide:

  • a base to build better relationships between the brand and its audience
  • a medium to garner market intelligence on target segments
  • increase market share for the family of products

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