Health 2.0 Europe 2011 - Berlin (Germany)

Health 2.0 Europe 2011 - Berlin (Germany)
Health 2.0 Europe 2011 - Berlin (Germany)

The second annual edition Health 2.0 Europe is scheduled from Thursday 27th to Friday 28th October 2011, it will reconvene all the leaders and stakeholders in web 2.0 for health: IT solution providers, health professionals, patient organizations, health authorities and more...

Health 2.0 Europe integrates the best of European web/mobile based technologies, and compares, contrasts and contextualizes them with leading examples of Health 2.0 from around the world.

Roberto Ascione will be part of the review panel during the session Health 2.0 - introduction and state of play; his participation on "A tour of the latest and greatest in Health 2.0 from around the world, a vision for the future of Health 2.0 in Europe" is scheduled on the first day of the conference, Thursday 27th October 2011 at 13.30.

Come visit our booth at Health2.0 Europe 2011 in Berlin! DonĀ“t miss the chance to win an iPad2.

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