Health 2.0 India 2012 - New Delhi (India)

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Health 2.0 India 2012 - New Delhi (India)
Health 2.0 India 2012 - New Delhi (India)

We are proud to be partner and sponsor of Health 2.0 conferences and announces the participation at the 1st annual Health 2.0 India in New Delhi on January 30th, 2012.

Health 2.0 India will showcase the next generation of technologies transforming health & health care, including:

  • Mobile & smart phones
  • Data-mining & analytics
  • Provider applications & services
  • Wellness & health promotion solutions

Announced at Health 2.0 Europe, we will fully unveil Videum - Health in Any Language, a new video portal that will allow users to access Health and Wellness video content in any language.

Don’t miss our deep dive session on January 30th, 2012 at 10:00am.

Speakers are:

  • Roberto Ascione
  • Michael L. Smolens, Founder & Chairman at dotSUB
  • Abhijit Shitut, Jr. Managing Director at Publicis Life Brands Watermelon
  • Nand Wadhwani, Founder/Creator @ HealthPhone

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