GE Vscan live in China

Enjoy your Vscan navigational experience at Vscan 视诊仪 - 视界因V而改变 !

GE Vscan live in China
GE Vscan live in China

The month of May 2011 witnessed the successful go-live of a brand new local interactive communications strategy to promote the launch of new healthcare products in the local markets of the Far East..

It focuses on three essential lines of action:

  1. A dedicated micro-site entirely localized in the Chinese language ( and designed around the Vscan China creative concept of 视界因V而改变.
  2. A banner and email ads campaign, to promote brand awareness
  3. A traffic generation campaign which encompasses both local campaign of Google Adwords ( and Baidu ( - but with particular emphasis on Baidu which is the primary search engine in the China, and enjoys approximately 60% of the local market share.

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