"HCV Patient Journey"

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"HCV Patient Journey"
"HCV Patient Journey"

"HCV patient journey", was developed by the agency as an internal knowledge and training tool for AbbVie Italy, but it is expected to become a multistakeholder communication tool.

The challenge was to develop a holistic understanding of the HCV patient journey, integrating together three different layers of information: the patient flow (number of patients), the transactional route (all the possible patient routing paths across the journey) and the emotional experience (based on patient stories).

Daniela Petrassi HCV Senior Brand Manager, AbbVie Italy, commented:

Developing a complete and full understanding of the HCV Patient journey in Italy enables our Brand&In-Field Team to act with a common vision in order to have a remarkable impact on patient lives.

The project collected an Award of Excellence at the global 2014 Rx Club Show held in New York November 20th.


Read the original article by advertisinghealth here

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