New on Videum: Translation levels, authorship

New on Videum: Translation levels, authorship
New on Videum: Translation levels, authorship

Healthware and DotSUB presented at Health 2.0 Berlin 2011 at the end of October. On February 21st, VIDEUM went live in public beta.

Since then, very many users who have been particularly inspired by a video about health and want other people to be inspired and informed by it, have joined

New videos have been uploaded on VIDEUM and users have started their captioning activities.
Translation levels are now available on Videum to better understand the source and quality of translations provided. Each time a user will perform or modify a translation, the system will automatically assign the correct authorship level.

Each translation is marked with a level represented by the following icons:

Machine Machine:
translation performed using Google translate tool

Human Human:
translation performed by users, not physicians

Medical Medical:
translation performed by users with physician profiles

Human and medical professional Human and Medical Professional translations:
these status are assigned by the Videum Team


The Author of the translation is now also visible right next to the translation level icon, and will give you visibility in the Videum Community.

Interactive Transcript - transcription level

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