Supporting HBA

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Supporting HBA
Supporting HBA

The development of women leadership in healthcare has always been our major scope, and is currently being pursued through its partnership with the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association Europe (HBA EU).

HBA is a leading non-profit global organisation committed to helping women working in the healthcare sector, as gender diversity goes beyond equality and is a strategic opportunity to change the face of the pharmaceutical industry. A number of studies demonstrated that women are more likely to be transformational leaders and statistics showed that a critical mass of women in leadership roles positively influence organizational excellence and profitability, hence leading to a major competitive advantage.

HBA is now launching the European Leadership Conference, scheduled in Paris for October 27-28, 2011. The conference will be a great opportunity to meet international female and male executives from the healthcare industry to discuss this business case for women and learn how to strengthen and further develop your own competitive advantage by:

  • being part of and capitalising on industry transformation
  • building a solid diverse career foundation
  • strengthening your leadership skills
  • creating opportunities and managing changes

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