The Janssen JBOARD project is online!

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The Janssen JBOARD project is online!
The Janssen JBOARD project is online!

JBOARD is the magazine-based web portal for Janssen Italy. The innovative offering features the ability to customize content and services to meet the informational needs of GP’s.

What is JBOARD?

In a world where time is money and physicians have to find scientific content in the "vast sea of information" offered on the web, JBOARD is the virtual place to find targeted information for many therapeutic areas.

JBOARD offers scientific news, resources and other useful services for physicians, complete with interactive updates on clinical know-how, pathophysiology diagnostics and pharmacology prevention. The portal focuses on four different therapeutic areas: Gastroenterology, Algology, Dermatology and Neurology.

All key insights (digital and non-digital) pertaining to the GP target and adopted for the development of the site, have been defined in partnership with GFK Eurisko after a quantitative survey and focus groups with doctors.

JBOARD has been designed according to the newest creative concept, relying upon both a strong visual impact and specific attention to user experience. Users can benefit from a ‘customizable strip’ on the homepage that lists their favorite topics and specific contents to be pushed by REP’s, making JBOARD a key strategic asset for Janssen.

Last but not least, JBOARD features a service called ‘JBOARD Club’, an exclusive local community restricted to doctors and specialists. In JBOARD Club, users can discuss specific issues and therapeutic areas, exchange resources and opinions, create contents that could be shared through JBOARD magazine and develop multi-area projects.

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