The Zambon Group digital journey continues...

The complete strategy behind these results can be read at Zambon Global Corporate Case Study

The Zambon Group digital journey continues...
The Zambon Group digital journey continues...

Zambon, founded in Vicenza (Italy) in 1906, counts with a presence across three main world regions - Europe, North and South America and Asia, which makes Zambon a multicultural group that is continuously managing to strengthen its competitive position within the market.

For this reason, Zambon has recently reshaped its Business Brand and built a new business identity able to communicate, internally and externally its history of success, changes, values and products.

Zambon China - Home Page

The core objectives of this strategy were:

  • Standardization,
  • Consistency and
  • Corporate brand identity uniqueness

on a worldwide basis, to leverage the digital to evolve its new presence towards a more dynamic communication models.

After having completed the launch of all its European local websites with the launch of the bilingual (Flemish-French) Belgium and the Netherlands local websites (Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, Italy, France already online), it has reached another important milestone: the branded new Zambon China website is online -

Hainan Zambon Pharmaceutical was founded 10 years ago. At Haikou it is located one of the three main production plants that Zambon Group has around the world.

Zambon China

Relying on Zambon Group's strong research and development, Hainan Zambon is involved in the production of famous brand products widely used in Chinese hospitals, such as Fluimucil® (富露施®) and Monuril® (美乐力®).
Recently, Hainan Zambon has received the National GMP Certification for the world's most advanced automatic granules production line.

海南赞邦制药也必将借助赞邦集团的优势,将更多先进的产品带 给中国,以更加专业的服务带人类健康生活。

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