We #HelpClaudia

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We #HelpClaudia
We #HelpClaudia

Claudia is an Italian young girl that suffers from an unknown illness.

She is always tired and often loses balance. It is a neurodegenerative disease. But it is not Duchenne syndrome, nor ALS and - most importantly - no doctor can give it a name.

An Italian TV Show "Le Iene" has decided to tell Claudia's story with the hope to find a name and eventually a cure.
On their reports they invite to support Claudia’s cause and share it on the social networks using hashtag #HelpClaudia.
The health portal paginemediche.it is giving its support by loading the video on their Videum Channel, transcribing and translating it in any languages to reach more doctors around the world.

Give us your support by translating the video in the language you are most proficient in and share it on your social media channels!

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